Check In Day (Thursday)

Bring these with you between Noon and 6:00 PM:

  • Student/Project check-in form SIGNED by the student(s), parent(s), and coordinator and with the provided label affixed. YOU WILL NOT GET IN WITHOUT THE SIGNATURES!
  • Safety Information and Check In List. Again, ensure that you HAVE ALL NEEDED SIGNATURES.
  • Your backboard and logbook: You can bring anything unique or valuable to display on Friday, but leave your backboard for the Judge's Preview that happens on Thursday. Some students leave copies of a project brief or their reports for judges to take with them.
  • Electrical outlets are very limited and not guaranteed. They can only be used if absolutely essential for your project, not for charging devices. Get there early if you need one.

Fair Day (Friday)

7:30 AM: Doors Open

Entrants go to their projects and prepare for judging.

8:00 AM: Judging Begins

All students will be judged 3 to 5 times. Show them why your project is the most interesting, challenging, important, and amazing they've ever seen. Blow their minds!

11:30 AM: Lunch Break

You take a break while the judges feedback will be collected and analysed to produce a list of finalists in our many categories. There will be plenty to do on site and a food service, so please don't plan to leave for lunch. We have a Science Lab full of interactive exhibits, and 3 engaging Lunch Time Speakers starting at 11:45 AM on the stage. We cannot release students until the end of the day.

12:45 PM: Final Judging

Students go back to their projects. Those projects selected for another round of judging will be visited one or more times in the afternoon by different judging teams.

3:30 PM: End of Day

Job well done! Judging will be finished by 3:30 PM and students can go home for the day. Leave your projects for public viewing on Saturday.

Keep in Mind

  • Participants cannot leave the premises until 3:30 pm. You can buy lunch and snacks from the concession or bring your own.
  • There can be a large amount of waiting between judges so bring some books, homework, or games.
  • There are gifts and souvenirs available for purchase with proceeds helping support the event.

Awards and Public Viewing (Saturday)

We expect that participants come for the Saturday public viewing, medals, and awards ceremony. Awards are presented by their sponsors directly to the winners so it is imperative that students be there to accept the award in person. If a participant absolutely cannot be there on Saturday then arrange with your school coordinator so that someone can accept medals and awards on your behalf.

8:45 AM: Doors Open

Find your project and set up for the public viewing.

9:00 AM: Public Viewing

Present your project to the other parents and general public. Awards with a monetary value of less than $250 are presented at projects throughout the morning.

10:45AM: Medal Ceremony

Be at your project to receive medals.

Noon: Award Ceremony

Everyone is invited to the stage area for the awards ceremony and to learn who was selected for the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

2:00PM: Finish

Great Job! Pack up the projects and begin preparation for next year's entry.

2:00PM: Canada-Wide Team Meeting

Right after the awards ceremony there will be a quick meeting with the Canada-Wide Science Fair team.


The Science Fair is held in the Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary.

Please enter through the EAST door of the Olympic Oval located near the large RED PAPER-CLIP Sculpture. Follow the SIGNS.

Oval Map Labelled


The Calgary Youth Science Fair has arranged for special nearby parking at LOT 10 for the entire event. The CALGARY YOUTH SCIENCE FAIR EVENT PARKING PASS may save money compared to pay‐as‐you‐go depending on how many days you will be parking. There will be hundreds of people using the parking lot, so this pass will speed entry to parking for everyone.


Pre‐purchase a CALGARY YOUTH SCIENCE FAIR EVENT PARKING PASS at the website starting the first Monday in April. Please print the receipt for your payment as it will be your parking pass for LOT 10 during the science fair. This receipt will allow you to park in LOT 10 for Wednesday registration and project set‐up, Friday student drop off/pickup, and Saturday public viewing and awards ceremony.

Your printed parking pass and must be displayed on your dashboard while parked. There are no attendants in LOT 10. Your event pass will save you from lining up at the machines in the parking lot to purchase a day pass each time your park.

Other Options

Pay‐as‐you‐go Parking in LOT 10 is $8.00 flat rate per day.